What to Do When Date Night Falls Through

Jordan Harbinger November 9, 2012 Comments Off

Date night fell through, huh? That’s too bad—looks like your believed-to-be extravagant night, has now been reduced to a night on the couch, aimlessly placing bets at partycasino.com, or playing the more relevant-to-the-situation solitaire. Nonsense! There is no need to follow that stereotype. No, in fact, this could be a time when you really liven up.

As mentioned above, you always have the option of just sitting around your apartment, moping about pathetically; and hey, if that is what you enjoy, then have at it. However, for those who need an equivalent substitute to the date that just fell through, staying in probably isn’t the best choice.

So, what do you do then? First and foremost, no night can be deemed “awesome” if you’re alone; besides, you certainly cannot go on a date alone. With that being said, break out your cell phone and call up your friends, pals, acquaintances, heck, even your brother if he knows how to party. When more people become involved, the night opens up to a multitude of possibilities.

Most cities and towns, regardless of size, are equipped with at least one bar. As we all know, the bar is a perfect place to find that unique “feel good” substance—alcohol! No matter what your poison may be, you and your friends can order up a round or two (or five or six) and really throw down. Don’t get too rowdy though as I’m sure the barkeep will have no problem raining on your newly-created parade.

If the bar scene is too much of a drag for your tastes, then go where the party is just getting started; the nightclub. Considering we live in a world that knows no boundaries when it comes to music, chances are good that you will find some of the most intoxicating beats, inducing one into an uncontrollable dance frenzy. Generally, nightclubs are noted for their combination of dancing and booze, so have fun but keep it safe; a new date is not hard to find when you’ve had too much to drink.

For those who actually would prefer to stay home on their botched date night, there is still hope. Just as mentioned before, avoid loneliness by calling up a few of your friends. You could even throw a little party of your own should the notion strike you. All you need is some crappy food, a few drinks, and some good music. Who knows….it could turn out better than the date you were supposed to go on!

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