Episode #177: Eric Disco, ApproachAnxiety.com

Jordan Harbinger October 21, 2012 1
Episode #177: Eric Disco, ApproachAnxiety.com

Eric Disco, founder of approanxiety.com and dating coach since 2006 stops by to discuss his new book “She’s Six Steps Away” -an excellent step-by-step approach guide for guys who have trouble starting conversations.

Eric has appeared on CNN & Psychology Today and now, more importantly, PickUp Podcast. ;)

Jordan and Eric discuss:

·         What is approach anxiety?

·         How to get past approach anxiety

·         Why you need to learn to approach women instead of just having an interesting life

·         Dealing with depression, anxiety and obsession.

·         Should you work on yourself before you get better with women?

·         How to get motivated

·         What kind of fears/anxiety guys deal with once they get past approach anxiety

·         How to deal with rejection and embarrassment

·         Is it better to go out specifically to meet women or just practice meeting women whenever you see them?

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    Introverted Playboy March 15, 2013 at 12:58 am -

    The step of just getting into her vicinity is very subtle, but extremely powerful. That’s a huge part of the process of approaching. Just moving in her direction is a huge psychological barrier. Once you’re near her, you will often find yourself opening automatically.